A new plugin for Nagios


There’s nothing particularly library-oriented about my latest project. On the other hand, libraries send email, and it’s a good idea to make sure nobody thinks of it as spam. That’s why I created check_dnsbl, a Nagios plugin that checks whether an address is listed as a source of spam, or under various other categories.

Nagios is a great tool for sysadmins. It’s extensible (supra) and highly configurable, but it’s also a pain in the neck to set up properly. On the other hand, when you’re running a cutting-edge Z39.50 network, it helps to know when one of your servers needs attention. And when you’ve got dozens of servers to think about (or even a dozen PCs), you’ll save time in the long run by investing in Nagios setup.

And yes, of course, the code is available under the GPL.

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