Library 2.0 Logo Mashups


I was asked to come up with a few logos for library-related companies that don’t exist. My first few ideas were improbable mergers:

OCLC Google

Click the image or the following text to see more Library 2.0 Logo Mashups, including .svg,  Adobe Illustrator, and 100×100 icon-sized files for the resulting logos.

One comment

  1. My wife and I developed a free mashup web2.0 website called GuruLib (www.gurulib.com) to help organize home library. Using a book shelf metaphor, GuruLib catalogs books, movies, music, games and software in a home library with minimal data entry. Items can be cataloged with just ISBN/UPC code found on the back of books, DVDs etc or entering partial title. GuruLib uses Amazon E-commerce API and Z39.50 library network protocol to access over 54 million cataloged titles in 530 public and university libraries around the world. The virtual book shelfs can be made private and hence its contents visible only to the owner or made public and share it with your friends. My home library is cataloged under http://www.gurulib.com/coolabcgirl

    I would appreciate if you could reveiw this free mashup service that might help people organize their home library.
    Thanks and Regards
    Rana Basheer
    8002 Halsey Street,
    Lenexa, KS, 66215
    Email: ranabasheer@hotmail.com

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