code4lib: 2007-03-01 (part the first)


I’ve enjoyed the day so far, mostly; Jodi joined me for the keynote, since yesterday’s keynote had been nontechnical. Today’s keynote was quite geeky, which delighted me and bored her. To make up for it, I took her out to lunch off-campus.

Here begins the only bad experience of the conference: the Wild Wing Cafe. We had hoped to go to the Bluebird Cafe, but the cold and rain drove the usually contented pedestrians of Athens to use every blessed space on the block. By the time we found a space in front of the courthouse, only a block away, we were too hungry to wander back. That’s a shame. The health department rated it 80 (the Grit’s is 100), and I’m starting to think that means “they only pick wings off the floor and put them back on the buffet 20% of the time”, because the kitchen treated me badly.

Sorry, guys, but when I send a quesadilla back because I loathe sour cream, and it comes back ten minutes later with traces of scraped-off sour cream AND with guacamole that’s visibly darker than the last time I saw it, I’m not going to trust your kitchen enough to eat anything that comes back the third time. So for those of you (almost two dozen, I think) who followed my trail to the Grit, please take this as a “strong avoid”.

Sadly, I missed Dan’s talk on ZeroConfOpenMetaSearch (I heard the closing applause), but the Atom/ReST and Library-in-a-Box talks have been quite nifty. More later, I think.

A cultural hint: Tonight at 8pm, there’s a dance concert a block or two away from the hotel. For $12, it’s likely to be an excellent value. I hope to be able to convince Jodi to go, though if the weather is sufficiently dismal, she might end up convincing me not to go.

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