code4lib: 2007-03-01 (part the second)


Here’s what it was like to be me in #code4lib this afternoon:

<miker_c4lc>    {#code4lib} sylvar++
<miker_c4lc>    {#code4lib} sylvar++
<royt_>         {#code4lib} sylvar++
<royt_>         {#code4lib} sylvar: don't make me get all medieval on you ;-)
<anarchivist>   {#code4lib} sylvar++
<mmmmmRob>      {#code4lib} sylvar++

Those last two were from my suggestion that “The Department of Homeland Security uses six threat levels: low, guarded, elevated, high, severe, and Roy Tennant Is Ped Off.” We were doing a bit of a Chuck Norris on him because that’s what jesters do for kings.

Other popular statements:

“It’s easier to get forgiveness than to ask permission. It’s better not to apologize for reverse engineering and instead teach the vendor a better way.”

“Vendor-provided software is modular. The vendors just don’t know it yet.”

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