My new job: Horizon vs. Evergreen cage match


I’ve been hired as a consultant for the University of Utah for a one-year gig. (Actually, it’ll be a little less than a year, since the LSTA money has to be spent by September 1, 2008.)

They’ve been using SirsiDynix’s Horizon ILS for a while now, and they’ve asked me to conduct a feasibility study on using Evergreen. I’m going to be figuring out how well it works with their data, their workflows, and their business needs, and identifying any potential trouble spots.

I’m thrilled that Evergreen is being seriously considered by large university libraries. I’m not a zealot, though; for example, my preference for a desktop operating system is “whatever seems to work pretty well in the given situation”. I won’t hesitate to burninate Evergreen’s faults, whatever they may be. After all, my report is only valuable to the extent that it corresponds with reality.

In that spirit, I welcome propaganda from all sides. If you’re a SirsiDynix fan (or employee), and you want to point out Evergreen’s most serious flaws, please do. I’ll be glad to verify your comments in the course of forming a well-informed opinion. Similarly, if you’re an Evergreen fan and you want to point out its features or defend it against defamation, I’d love to hear tips about how to verify the truth.


  1. There were some nice, but very primitive 8x things that Evergreen has in common with the conceptual structure of Hz 8. It appears weak for almost all academic functions, including acquisitions, serials, reserve book room, etc. I’m sure someone/somewhere is working on that, but I’m also convinced the likes of serials on 8x were not created overnight. Nor, might I add, was Dynix Classic. So I am uncertain how much growth you can expect on Evergreen in a year.

    But, I’m happy for you! Let me know if I can help in any way! — q

  2. Will you be able to share any of the findings – I would be interested in having a look. There would likely be many others similarly interested.


  3. Hi Ben,
    The State of Louisiana is considering Evergreen for a state-wide project. I’d like to compare notes with you on how robust and functional Evergreen really is, especially compared to Horizon. I don’t want to keep stepping back in functionality with promises of next year. IF there is a task force I’m probably going to be put on it as a representative for this part of the state and I’d like to be able to compare notes with someone I trust – like you. Is there an Evergreen list out there?

  4. […] such as VALE) (Virtual Academic Library Environment of New Jersey) and universities like the University of Utah announce projects to investigate the feasibility of implementing Evergreen. While this is not to […]

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