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The thing about grant-funded positions is…


Grant-funded positions are liable to run out of funding, and that’s exactly what has happened with my most recent large-scale consulting project.  I’m still available as a consultant, and I’m also looking for work in Atlanta.  Thanks to those who have already wished me luck—I’m sure you’ll be nearly as happy as I am when I have good news about employment!


It’s… ALIVE!


My email address, that is.

Color me sadder-but-wiser. For the first month or two of my job hunt in Atlanta, was hosted on a site that was sending some very peculiar, non-SMTP messages to the MTAs that tried to contact me:

250 2.1.0 Sender ok
alias([username redacted—Ben])
250 2.1.5 Recipient ok

Some MTAs had no problem with this. So when I tested the account, I was able to receive mail. Unfortunately, most people just got a cryptic bounce message.

I’m guessing that this has led to several potential employers deciding not to bother phoning me, especially since my cell phone still has a Tampa area code. (I’ve solved that problem by getting a local number from GrandCentral and having it ring on my cell phone—but all my circulating résumés have the Tampa number.)

Two nights ago I asked the readers of my personal blog to email me and post bounce messages as comments. Very few got through. Last night I repeated the experiment; lots of people got through and nobody has reported a bounce. So now I’m confident enough to email my potential-employers-thus-far and say “I’ve switched email hosts because of technical problems. Have I missed anything?”.

And this will be a good story for the interviews, when I’m asked to talk about lessons learned from mistakes.