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Make that “…a GREASED pig”.


I’ve managed to wrestle several XSLT stylesheets into — well, not submission exactly, but grudging respect.  I’m starting to make visible structural changes to the HTML components of HIP.

OK, so the SunCat 2.0 development server isn’t nearly as pretty as the mockup, but this time the lipstick, smeared as it may be, is on a real pig and not just a piggy bank.

And, yes, I’m aware that the UN Commission on Eliminating the Torture of Metaphors has been trying to reach me all day.  But I’ve been coding, darn it.  They can wait.


Anyone want to try making an AjaxHIP?


It occurred to me that, since HIP can return XML data (add &GetXML=true to the URL), it wouldn’t be terribly hard to make an Ajax interface.

Why bother? Well, the interface would become extremely flexible; you could get a compact list of titles and click one to expand a list of locations/items, or switch from a traditional list of results to a “wall of covers” or a “subject cloud”.  Certainly it’d be easier to find overdue books with a “wall of covers” to remind you what the overdue book looks like.  Heck, maybe you could drag and drop a book cover to add it to a booklist or request it.  I don’t know yet which design ideas SHOULD be pursued, but Ajax offers a lot more than the standard Web 1.0 model.

I’ve just started to experiment with Ajax, and what I’ve done so far uses HTML responses.  I haven’t parsed ResponseXML objects yet.  But it seems to me that a simple version could submit a keyword search and look in the following path:


From here, isbn is the ISBN, key is the bib number, and is “Title of book / by Name of author”.  When the user drills down, we can make another request using “uri=” + and parse those results to show a complete list of items.

So who’s going to be the first to develop a simple prototype?  It should be able to do at least one kind of search, display summarized results, and bring in more information when the user wants it.